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Personal Growth by Investment

Up until 2018 or so, I valued growing my skills by “DIY-ing” it the cheapest way possible. Maybe that was because I working part time and had more free time back then, but it was mainly because I didn’t value myself enough to feel worthy of investment.

Eventually, I gained some clarity: yes, I could spend $35/month on a gym membership for myself — we were spending six times that on music lessons for our kids every month!

To this day, I remain a conscientious spender, and I have grown to look not just at the cost of a purchase, but also the value it adds to my life. Rather than thinking only in terms of expense like I used to, I now think in terms of investment. Investments provide growth and value.

All of the resources I’m sharing here have provided me value beyond their sticker price. Some examples include:

  • Accelerating my ability to achieve a goal because the course walks me through the steps I need to take — which saves me time and decreases mistakes along the way.
  • Increasing my network of people who are also working to achieve similar goals. That might sound competitive, but it’s the opposite — it’s incredibly collaborative!
  • Gaining transferrable skills. Although I have made these investments to grow my “side hustle,” I’ve carried many skills into my day job — especially in shaping how I share information and communicate electronically.

    If you have questions about any of the resources I’ve shared here, plesae book a call with me.

    I’m happy to help you figure out whether any of these resources are right for you.


    Through this 6 week course, my dream of creating a Menu Planning Journal went from hand drawn sketches, to Canva, and then to actual paper bound with a snazzy cover!

    In this course, you will gain lifelong self-publishing skills. And, well, if you forget some of the steps — you will have lifetime access to the material in order to remember!

    Liz sets you up for success with the self paced online course content, a private Facebook Group Community (I’m in there!), monthly live Q & A calls, and ready to use or customize digital templates to get you published in no time.

    This course is why I am able to call myself an author; if you have a dream of calling yourself one too, I recommend you invest in yourself by taking this course!

    If you sign up through my Affiliate Link, you will receive a 30 minute coaching/cheerleading call with me, a copy of one of my journals as a tangible example of what you can produce, and a business or mindset book of your choice [I have many suggestions!].